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Category: Environment

Trees always enhance the look of a surrounding. They always add to the beauty of the garden, park, streets etc. but they only look good when they are maintained properly. That’s why it is always important for you to maintain the trees in proper shape to make your garden look beautiful. There are many ways by which you can ensure its well being and maintenance. Along with the looks, it can also provide you shade and oxygen. However, if you notice that the tree is becoming weak then it is better to cut it down as it becomes a danger.

machine cutting trees

Cutting down a tree may need proper planning and it is also good from your safety point of view. Instead of carrying out the task yourself, it is better to hire the professional tree cutting services. This is due to the fact that they are experts in their job and know how cut down the tree so that no injury takes place. These professionals such as Arbcore are well equipped with all types of safety measures and all types of the modern day equipments that are necessary in order to cut down the tree.

Equipments used by the professional tree cutters

There are many different types of equipments that are used by these professionals such as

  • Chainsaw – this is considered as the most important equipment in tree cutting. These professionals use a chainsaw that produces horsepower around 3.5 and their chainsaw also contains around 20 inch bar. This 20 inch blade can cut down almost every type of tree with ease.
  • Safety glasses – it is a must to have safety gear that most of the professionals wear while cutting the tree. During the cutting process, the debris and small parts of tree might get into your eyes and damage them. That’s why the professionals should use safety glasses while doing the cutting work.
  • Leg protection – saw is moving very fast and can cut anything in a second, that why it is important to protect your leg with leg protectors or by the high end boots.
  • Rope – there are sometimes when you need a rope in order to climb on the tree to cut the upper part first. So, you should use the rope that is almost three to four times longer than a tree so that there is no risk left for any accident.


There are many techniques that are used for cutting the tree. First the inspection is done before the cut down of the tree. The professionals first determine the length of the tree and the direction in which the tree will fall after cutting.  Accordingly, they select the cutting technique so that no harm is caused.